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Dec 23, 2004
There's some restaurant where you pick your beef and cook it (something like that). I've heard a couple people talk about it, never been there myself.


Its called "The Prime Quarter"(1 mile west on Layton Ave. Layton and Howell intersect btw).Get ready to shell out some cash there.ITS WORTH IT.Its about a 5 min ride from the hotel.There is an AWESOME pizza restaurant(with other italian food)just 1 mile north of the airport on Howell Ave. called "Dinos".This one is about 8 minutes away. I personally think they have some of the best pizza around.There is also a bar in the restaurant. "Final Approach" is good too,its the place with the 152 on the roof.Best grilled chicken sandwiches there as well as steak sandwiches."Final Approach" is on Howell Ave as well,but directly across the street from the airport.They also have a bar in the restaurant.

As far as nightlife,you'll have to cab it downtown to "Water Street"."Terace Bar" is good,"The Safehouse" which ive mentioned previously."Rock Bottom" is good too,even though its a nation wide chain.There are also many more bars and clubs on Water Street.If you need any more info,just post some replies.


You can hit up the airport lounge a fine gentlemen establishment on howell (if your into that),, i have never been in there but hear it isnt that great,, there is a casino about 15 mins from the airport called potawatomi. Like the other post said checkout water street and brady street down by marquette, lots of people.

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