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    ..and a fine point here: US Customs and Border Protection, don't say Border Patrol in your interview or application - just a tip so you sound educated. there are some vast ideological separations between agencies. That said the working relationship between the two is great. I too saw the posting, and that it is no longer posted.

    There is no doubt that hiring will continue. Pay is 25% greater than posted in the advertisement due to unscheduled overtime/law enforcement availability pay, the job is just plain good times. keep your eyes on the board, especially after the federal budget is finally approved.
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    Could this agency see cuts with a termination of the war on drugs? Just wondering what percentage is purely devoted to wasting my money.
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    I am looking to fill a full time G200 position in Houston - no type required.

    PM me if anyone is interested.
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    For what company???
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    Good summary of the industry right now. From a FltOps email sent out today (Part 1 of 2):

    ABX Air
    ABX has over 300 pilots on furlough.

    Air Arabia - Maroc
    Air Maroc is recruiting A320 PICs and SICs. PICs should have at least 5,000 hours and SICs should have 1500 TT, 800 hours on the A320, hold a valid ICAO CPL and be current. Additional details are available on the company website. Apply online.

    Air Arabia - UAE
    Air Arabia is not currently recruiting pilots.

    Air Cargo Carriers
    Air Cargo Carriers is accepting resumes and hiring SD330 and SD360 pilots with 5000 TT or equivalent Shorts time.

    Air Cargo Germany
    Air Cargo Germany is a new independent German cargo airline based at Frankfurt flying B-747-400s. The company is not hiring flight crew but is accepting applications online.

    Air Japan
    Air Japan is recruiting B-767 PICs and SICs. Applicants can apply through Crew Resources Worldwide. ANA & JP Express merged with Air Japan in 2010. Interested applicants should apply with Air Japan. Air Japan was represented by Crew Resources Worldwide at the job fair in April.

    Air Mekong
    Mekong Air is an upstart airline based in Vietnam. The company is recruiting pilots and prefers CRJ 700/900 experience.

    Air Serv International
    Air Serv is currently not accepting applications.

    Air Sunshine
    Air Sunshine currently has no openings for pilot positions.

    Air Transport Intl.
    Air Transport Int'l is only interviewing and hiring pilots from ABX. The carrier may be hiring off the street by mid-summer.

    Air Wisconsin
    Air Wisconsin is currently accepting applications. The company hired 5 pilots in April and plans to continue to hire. The number of future new hires is unknown at the present time.

    Airbus Training Center (Miami)
    Airbus Training Center currently has no instructor vacancies posted.

    AirNet Express
    AirNet is accepting applications and resumes. The company plans to hire pilots in the next three months. While AirNet still has 25 on furlough, this is a personal or career decision made by each furloughed pilot. AirNet attended the job fair in Las Vegas in April.

    AirNow is accepting applications online for EMB-110 pilots.

    AirTran Airways
    AirTran is not accepting new applications. Southwest Airlines has completed the purchase of AirTran. AirTran and SWA pilots will negotiate a new contract.

    Alaska currently has 51 pilots on furlough with more recalls to come.

    All Nippon Airways
    Applicants can apply online through Crew Resources Worldwide. The company was represented by Crew Resources Worldwide at the job fair in Las Vegas in April.

    Allegiant Air
    Allegiant hired 16 MD-80 pilots in April; hiring 1 B-757 pilot this summer. The carrier expects to resume hiring this August. All pilots interviewed must have a recommendation from a current Allegiant pilot. Allegiant plans to acquire three more Boeing 757-200 aircraft in 2011. Allegiant attended the job fair in LAS in April.

    Aloha Air Cargo
    Aloha Air Cargo is not currently hiring pilots.

    AlphaFlying hired 9 pilots in April. They are not currently accepting resumes but plan to hire 8 pilots in the upcoming months.

    Alpine Air
    Alpine plans to hire 1-2 pilots in the next couple of months. Alpine Air is accepting resumes and applications.

    American Airlines
    American Airlines announced that it is currently filling classes with AMR Eagle pilots. The company will begin recalls in June.

    American Eagle
    American Eagle hired 51 pilots in April and plans are to hire 200 in the next few months for a total of 655 in 2011. Must have application completed at and published to American Eagle. American Eagle attended the FltOps career fair in LAS in April.

    Ameriflight is hiring pilots. The company is planning to hire approximately 6 PA-31 PICs per month in 2011. Pilots must meet 135.243(c) minimum flight experience requirements. Transition to Turbine PIC is forecasted to be less than 1 year with a substantial pay increase.

    Amerijet International
    Amerijet is not currently hiring but is accepting resumes.

    Ameristar Jet Charter
    Ameristar expects to hire 4-8 pilots in the first quarter of 2011. The company plans to increase their fleet of MD-83s.

    Asiana Airlines
    Asiana Airlines is recruiting A320/321 PICs; A330 PICs; B-744 SICs; B-747-400 PICs and B-777 PICs. Applicants can view additional details online and apply online at

    ASTAR is now operating only DC-8 aircraft. Our sources indicate the company has about 230 pilots on furlough.

    Atlantic Southeast
    ASA hired 84 pilots in April. Since ASA is hiring for both carriers, ASA and ExpressJet, the number hired was total for both airlines. Neither company is expecting to have any new hire classes for May or June. ASA attended the FltOps Job Fair in Las Vegas in April.

    Atlas Air
    Atlas Air hired 10 B-747-400 SICs in April; hiring 18 B-757-400 SICs in May and 10 in June. The carrier is accepting online applications and interviewing pilots. Atlas attended the job fair in LAS in April.

    Avantair is hiring. The company plans to hire approximately 40 pilots in the next few months. See web site for hiring information.

    Beijing Capital Airlines
    Beijing Capital Airlines is currently recruiting and interviewing 20 pilots a month. Applicants can apply through Parc Aviation, Rishworth Aviation or WASINC.

    Bemidji Aviation
    Bemidji is not currently hiring pilots or accepting applications.

    Betts Recruitment Limited
    Betts Recruitment Limited is recruiting direct-hire MD-11 SICs and PICs, B-757 and B-767 PICs as well as MD-11 SICs and PICs. Interested applicants can apply online.

    Bombardier FlexJet
    Bombardier FlexJet has an unknown number of pilots on furlough. The company has other positions posted at its website. Use keyword pilot at the linked page shown at the website.

    CAE SimuFlite
    CAE Simuflite is currently recruiting instructor pilots.

    Cape Air
    Cape Air hired 10 pilots in April and is projecting to hire 15-20 in the next few months. The company is accepting applications and resumes.

    Capital Cargo Int'l
    Capital Cargo is currently not hiring pilots.

    Cathay Pacific Airways
    Cathay Pacific is recruiting SICs. Applicants can apply, view additional details and minimum qualifications online.

    Centurion is not currently recruiting pilots.

    Chantilly Air
    Chantilly Air is not hiring pilots at this time but is accepting resumes.

    Chautauqua Airlines
    Republic has started hiring. At this time, the number of new hires has not been reported.

    CitationShares is now CitationAir. The company has 69 pilots on furlough and is not accepting applications.

    Colgan Air
    Colgan expects to hire approximately 34 pilots in the next couple of months. Colgan is accepting 15 new Q400s to be based in Houston. Hiring is being conducted by Mesaba. Colgan, represented by Mesaba/Colgan, attended the job fair in LAS in April.

    Comair has pilots on furlough. The company is not projecting to hire any pilots in 2011.

    Commutair is currently recruiting pilots. The company has not contacted us to verify projected new hire numbers.

    Compass Airlines
    Compass hired 17 pilots in April. The company plans to hire approximately 20 in the next three months and 90 plus pilots in 2011. Compass was purchased by Trans State Holdings. According to the new agreement, only pilots who were hired prior to August 19, 2010 will flow through to Delta. The company expects the flow through to stimulate faster upgrades. Compass attended the Las Vegas job fair in April.

    Continental Airlines
    Continental has recalled all pilots from furlough. The company is accepting applications but is not reviewing them at this time. Continental Airlines and United Air Lines, Inc. are now wholly owned subsidiaries of United Continental Holdings, Inc. and are planning to be under one operating certificate by 11/11/11. The company just opened a base in LAX.

    COPA Airlines
    COPA is recruiting 80 B-737 and E-190 PICs through August. A class of 20 per month will be conducted each month. Applicants meeting the minimum qualifications should send their resume and copy of their medical to Barbara at

    CReW Resources Worldwide
    CReW Resources Worldwide is a flight crew leasing company that provides pilots for airlines worldwide. CReW is currently recruiting B-737NG PICs, A320 PICs, A330 PICs, B-767 SICs and DHC-8 Q400 PICs. CReW attended the job fair in Las Vegas in April. For details visit the company web site at

    Customs and Border Protection- Office of Air and Marine
    Custom Border Protection is currently not accepting applications.

    Delta Air Lines
    Delta completed its interview schedule until further notice but is accepting pilot applications through The company hired 155 new hires in 2010. These classes include the Compass and Mesaba flow throughs and pilots off the street. Delta attended the job fair in Las Vegas in April.

    Delta Global Staffing
    Delta Global Staffing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, is currently hiring non-seniority simulator instructor pilots for Delta Air Lines.

    Delta Private Jets (Previously Delta Air Elite)
    Delta Private Jets hired 4 Lear 60 pilots in April; hiring continues in May for Hawker, Lear 60 Citation XL and Challenger 604 pilots. Currently seeking current and qualified Hawker 800/800XP, Lear 60, Citation XL and Challenger 604 pilots.

    Direct Personnel International Ltd.
    Direct Personnel is recruiting SICs and PICs for Vietnam Airlines, Korean Air, Air Astana and Tiger Airways. PICs for Jet Airways, Indigo, Air China Cargo, Capital Air, Okay Airways and Tianjin Airlines. Additionally, the company is recruiting SICs for Air Mauritius. Other contracts include A320 PICs for an immediate start based in the Philippines with a 3 to 6 month contract. Applicants should view their web site for multiple opportunities and apply online. Direct Personnel indicates additional short term contracts will be available with other clients over the summer.

    Dynamic Aviation
    No official report from the company, however our reliable sources indicate the company is hiring. According to the website, the company is recruiting pilots for the Dash 8 for an international location; a pilot for the BE-90 for an international location; a pilot with A&P Mechanic Certificate for an international location; and a pilot for a BE-200 for an international location. Dynamic Airways is also recruiting a contract MD-80 Pilot for Winston-Salem, NC and a contract B-767 Captain/Check Airman Winston-Salem, NC.

    Easy Jet
    The company is currently recruiting pilots through crew leasing companies like Parc Aviation. Easy Jet is currently accepting applications for Direct Entry SICs for Switzerland only.

    Emirates Airline
    Emirates hired 32 pilots in April. The carrier is currently inviting 32 candidates for the pilot selection process a week. The company plans to hire 500 pilots through 2012. Applicants can apply online. Emirates attended the job fair in Las Vegas in April.

    Empire Airlines
    Empire is currently recruiting PICs and SICs. Visit the company web site for complete details on requirements.

    Era Aviation
    Company is accepting applications online. No current pilot hiring has been reported.

    Etihad Airways
    Etihad Airways is recruiting B-777 SICs; A320 PICs; B-777/A320/A330/A340 SICs. Minimum qualifications can be found on the company web site. Applicants can apply online.

    EVA Airways
    Eva is recruiting MD-11 AND A330 SICs. Applicants can download necessary forms online and then the forms & documents can be mailed to: Pilot Administration Section, 9th F, 376 Hsin-nan Rd., Sec. 1, Luchu, Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.

    Evergreen International Airlines
    Evergreen is not currently accepting applications.

    Everts Air Cargo
    Everts Air Cargo is not hiring or accepting applications at this time.

    Executive Jet Management
    Executive Jet Management is recruiting BD700, Citation XL, CL300 and CL640 pilots.

    Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) will be hiring pilots for ExpressJet. ASA has stated they are expected not to hire for May and June. Minimums are 1500 total and 300 MEL unless an applicant have been through a Structured Training Program then they could be hired with less time. A Structured Training Program means they've attended a major aviation university who has been AABI (Aviation Accreditation Board International) accredited. Candidates must apply online at

    Falcon Air
    Falcon Air is accepting applications and interviewing SICs and PICs for bases in MIA, ACY and IWA.

    FedEx hired 20 pilots in April and plans to hire 20 pilots per month. The application window is currently closed, but may open again in May. FedEx attended the job fair in Las Vegas in April.

    Flight Crew International
    Flight Crew International is currently recruiting B-737NG, A320, MD-11 and ATR-72 TRI/TREs and PICs for Jet Airways. Applicants can view minimum qualifications and register online at or contact for additional details.

    Flight Options
    Flight Options has approximately 167 pilots on furlough.

    FlightSafety International
    FlightSafety is recruiting for several instructor positions in several locations. See the company web site for more information and to apply.

    FlightSafety Services
    FlightSafety Services Corporation currently has instructor positions available. See web site for specific needs.

    Florida West Int'l Airlines
    Florida West is accepting resumes.

    flydubai is currently interviewing and hiring 10 to 12 B-737-800 SICs and PICs per month. The carrier expects to continue to grow and hire pilots for the next 5 years. Applicants can apply online.

    Freedom Air - Guam
    Freedom Air predicted the company would hire one pilot in April. Freedom Air is looking for pilots for the following positions: PA32 (PIC) FAR Part 135; SD3 (PIC) FAR Part 121; SD3 (SIC) FAR Part 121.

    Frontier is accepting online applications for SIC positions.

    GAP Aviation
    Global Airline Pilots LLC is a flight crew leasing firm based in Texas. This company is recruiting B-747-400, B-777, B-737 and 737NG, B767/757, A320/A330/A340 pilots for Korean Airlines and Grandstar Cargo. Applicants can apply online.

    Georgia Skies
    Georgia Skies is a division of Pacific Air Holdings LLC.

    Global Pilot Service
    Global Pilot Service is a crew leasing firm currently recruiting A320, A330, A340, B-737, B-747, B-767, B-777, MD-11, EMB-145 and EMB 190 crewmembers. This company is also recruiting G-V type-rated pilots. Applicants can apply online.

    go! Hawaii
    go! Hawaii is based out of Hawaii and operated by Mesa Airlines, a part of Mesa Air Group. Applicants should apply with Mesa Airlines. The carrier is not currently hiring.

    GoJet Airlines hired 10 pilots in April. The company plans to hire approximately 20 pilots in the next few months. GoJet attended the FltOps Las Vegas career fair in April.

    GOL Varig is currently interviewing SICs on a weekly basis. The carrier will interview US pilots but they must have a Brazilian green card and a commercial Brazilian pilot's license. This year GOL introduced Central America routes and charters to Orlando.

    Great Lakes Aviation
    Great Lakes hired 13 pilots in April and plans to continue to hire in the next few months and throughout 2011.

    Gulfstream International
    Gulfstream may be interviewing direct-hire pilots in the future. Gulfstream has recalled all 27 of the pilots on furlough. The company projects possible hiring sometime in the near future.

    Hawaiian hired 7 B-717/767 and A330 pilots in April. The carrier plans to hire 15 B-717/767 and A330 pilots in May. The company is not currently interviewing or accepting new applications and is pulling from applicants already on file. Hawaiian received its fourth Airbus 330 in May.

    Horizon Air
    Horizon Air is not currently hiring.

    IAC Global
    IAC Global is recruiting pilots for various airlines outside the U.S. for Chinese, Korean and Japanese companies. The carrier has a current need for B-737 pilots for Japan, China and Indonesia, A320 and B-744 pilots for China as well as A330, B-777 and B-737 pilots for Korea. Additionally B-767 PICs for Japan. Applicants should apply online.

    IASCO Global Pte. Ltd.
    IASCO Global Pte. Ltd. is currently recruiting B-737-800 PICs for Skymark Airlines based in Tokyo, Japan. Applicants can contact David Hurd at with additional questions or to submit their resume. Minimum qualifications are available at

    Island Air
    Island Air is currently not recruiting for pilot positions.

    Jazeera Airways
    Jazeera Airways is not currently recruiting pilots.

    Jet Airways
    Jet Airways is interviewing and hiring ATR and B-737 PICs. See the company web site for minimum qualifications.

    JetBlue hired 18 pilots April. The company plans to interview in May and then possibly in the fall. The company application window is closed but should reopen this summer.

    Kalitta Air
    Kalitta Air hired 6 SICs in April. The carrier anticipates hiring 18 SICs and 6 FEs in May. Kalitta Air is currently interviewing and accepting resumes through

    Kalitta Charters
    Kalitta Charters will accept resumes for future openings.

    Kalitta Charters II
    The company is accepting applications and interviewing for B-727 SICs and FEs. A&P license is considered a plus. Kalitta Charters II is also looking for pilots interested in flying Part 135 operations on the DA-20's and LearJets. All resumes are retained for one year. See the company website for information on how to apply.

    Kenmore Air
    Kenmore Air hires local pilots seasonally. Applicants can apply online. There are no current pilot positions available.

    Korean Air
    Korean Airlines uses crew-leasing services such as Total Aviation Services, World Airline Services and Rishworth Aviation to provide its pilots. The carrier is recruiting pilots and applicants can apply online through any of the mentioned crew leasing firms.

    Lynden Air Cargo
    Lynden Air Cargo is recruiting first officers in Anchorage.

    Lynx Aviation/Frontier Express
    Lynx Aviation was purchased by Republic Holdings. Republic expected to operate Lynx until April of 2011.

    Mesa Airlines
    Mesa reported on March 1 it has emerged from bankruptcy. The company has not responded to our requests for information but sources indicate they have undisclosed number of pilots on furlough and continue recalls.

    Mesaba has recalled all pilots. The company is currently recruiting pilots and has 20 SIC positions to fill at this time.

    Miami Air International
    Miami Air is accepting resumes however, the company is not currently interviewing pilots.

    Mokulele Airlines
    Mokulele conducts hiring through Mesa Airlines and is not currently recruiting for pilot positions.

    Mountain Air Cargo
    Mountain Air Cargo is accepting resumes and applications. The company expects to hire 5-6 pilots in the next few months. Mountain Air Cargo is hiring for PIC and SIC ATR positions.

    Nantucket Airlines
    Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines is hiring and accepting resumes. See Cape Air's web site for more information.

    National Air Services
    NAS Air based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is recruiting pilots. Applicants can apply online.

    National Airlines
    National Airlines is a passenger and cargo carrier. The company will start a class of B-747-400 pilots in June and reportedly are proceeding with the planned 400 certification. National expects to hire approximately 90 pilots in 2012. Applicants can send resumes to

    NetJets sources indicate NetJets has 495 pilots on furlough.

    New Mexico Airlines
    New Mexico Airlines is a division of Pacific Air Holdings LLC. Please see Pacific Wings for more information. Currently there are no positions available.

    Nippon Cargo Airlines
    Nippon Cargo Airlines is not currently recruiting pilots.

    North American
    North American is accepting resumes and may possibly begin recruiting.

    Northern Air Cargo
    NAC is not currently recruiting pilots. The company is accepting resumes and applications for B737-200/300 SICs.

    Omni Air International
    Omni Air is not currently hiring. The company attended the job fair in LAS in April.

    Pacific Wings
    Pacific Wings is a division of Pacific Air Holdings LLC. There are no current positions available.

    Paramount Aviation Resources Group
    Paramount is a crew leasing firm recruiting MD-11 crewmembers to Nordic Global Airlines based in Helsinki, Finland. Applicants must have an MD-11 type rating. The company is also recruiting G-V, Challenger 604 and Falcon 7X pilots for Deer Jet in Beijing. Pilots with 1500 Turbine PIC time should contact Michael Johnson at Paramount encourages applicants to register online to receive vacancy notifications.

    Parc Aviation
    Parc Aviation is currently recruiting for the following types: A320, A330, B-744, EMB-145/170/190, Dash 8, B-767, B-757 and B-737NG in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Africa, Kazakhstan & Europe. Interested applicants can view contract details, minimum qualifications and apply online at Parc Aviation attended the job fair in Las Vegas in April.

    PAS Aviation
    PAS Aviation is recruiting pilots for airlines outside the U.S. PAS Aviation indicates the company's Middle East opportunities are generally open to US Citizens and FAA license holders. The European positions require either a European passport or the right to live and work in the EU and a JAA license.

    Our sources indicate PenAir typically hires pilots in the summer. No official report from the company.

    Pentastar Aviation
    Pentastar is accepting resumes.

    Piedmont Airlines
    Piedmont Airlines hired 16 pilots in April. The company plans to hire approximately 44 new hires in the next few months. Projections are to hire 60-80 pilots in 2011. Accepting resumes only.

    Pinnacle Airlines
    Pinnacle has no pilots on furlough and is accepting applications through The company is currently interviewing for future classes. Pinnacle attended the job fair in LAS in April.

    Polar Air Cargo
    Polar Air Cargo is not accepting resumes. The company has no pilots on furlough.

    PSA Airlines
    PSA hired 8 pilots in April. PSA will continue to interview, but is currently uncertain of the number that will be hired.

    Qatar Airways
    Qatar Airways, based in Doha, is a 5-star, award winning airline and one of the fastest growing carriers in the world. The fleet is expected to increase in size to 150 aircraft by 2015 and will include A350, B-787 and A380 aircraft. As a result of the current growth, Qatar Airways is recruiting 300 PICs, SICs and fast track Second Officers this year to fly their fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, including the A320, A330 and B-777. Applicants can apply online.

    Republic Airlines
    It is reported that Republic is hiring. No confirmation at this time on the number of new hires the company plans to hire.

    Rishworth Aviation
    Rishworth Aviation is an international flight crew leasing firm recruiting pilots for Korean Air - B737 NG, A330, B744, B777 PICs and SICs; Vietnam Airlines - A320 PICs; Lion Air-Indonesia - B737 NG Line Training Captains, and Garuda - Indonesia - B737 EFIS and NG PICs and SICs. Interested applicants can apply online.

    Ryan International
    Ryan hired 12 MD-80 and B-767 pilots in April. The carrier expects to hire again in June. Interested applicants can apply online.

    Safi Airways
    Safi Airways is not currently recruiting pilots. Resumes are accepted through

    Saudi Arabian Airlines
    Saudi Arabian Airlines is recruiting A320 PICs. For application evaluation and screening and to reserve an interview slot, qualified FDC applicants may forward full credentials along with scanned copy of passport and license to

    Scenic Airlines
    Scenic is accepting applications for DHC-6-300 SICs and CE-207 PICs. See the company web site for qualifications.

    SeaPort Airlines
    SeaPort Airlines is currently not hiring pilots.

    Shenzhen Airlines
    WASINC International, a crew leasing company is recruiting pilots for Shenzhen Airlines. See WASINC for more details.

    Shuttle America
    Republic has started hiring pilots. At this time, the company has not reported the number of pilots they plan to hire.

    Sigma Aviation Services
    Sigma Aviation Services is an international flight crew leasing company. The company currently has opportunities for EMB 170-190 PICs & SICs; A320 PICs; Instructors, Examiners; B-757-767 PICs and SICs; A330 Line PICs; ATR-72 PICs; Instructors, Examiners; B-737NG PICs; Instructors, Examiners; B-777 PICs; Instructors, Examiners; A340 PICs and SICs; SFI's (Simulator Instructors) on types A320, B737NG, A340 & B777 for clients in various locations from Europe, Middle East, Asia.

    Singapore Airlines
    Singapore Airlines has an entry-level cadet program for Singapore citizens, Singapore permanent residents or Malaysian citizens. The company is not currently hiring experienced pilots.

    Sky King Airlines
    Sky King is interviewing for a class of 8. Accepting resumes.

    Skylease Cargo
    Skylease Cargo is currently hiring an MD-11 SIC.

    Skywest Airlines
    Skywest hired 55 pilots in April. Projections are to hire approximately 100 pilots in the next three months. Estimates are to hire 400 pilots throughout 2011. In addition to the 1000 TT including 100 ME, Skywest wants to see 100 hours of logged instrument time.

    Southern Air
    Southern Air is not currently hiring pilots. The carrier has parked two B-747-200s.

    Southwest Airlines
    Southwest did not place pilots in class in April, but plans to have classes in June, July and August. The application window is currently closed. SWA is conducting interviews in May.

    Spirit Airlines
    Spirit Airlines expects to resume hiring in the fall. The carrier has taken delivery of 3 A320s and has several more scheduled for later this year. Applicants can apply online.

    SriLankan Airlines
    SriLankan Airlines is hiring A320, A330 and A340 PICs and SICs.

    Sun Country Airlines
    Sun Country Airlines emerged from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy status. The carrier expects to hire 12 pilots by the end of 2011.

    Total Aviation Services
    Total Aviation Services provides pilots for Korean Air and is currently recruiting B-747-400, B-777, A330 and B-737NG SICs and PICs. Applicants can apply online. Total Aviation Services attended the job fair in Las Vegas in April.

    Trans States Airlines
    Trans States has recalled all furloughed pilots. Projections are to have a small new hire class in May.

    Travel Management Company (TMC)
    TMC Jets is currently recruiting Beechjet 400XP SICs. Interested applicants can apply online.

    U.S. Forest Service
    The U.S. Forest Service is hiring for its aviation operations throughout the nation.

    United Airlines
    United currently has 1,437 pilots on furlough. The company recently announced orders for the B-787 and A-350. Continental Airlines and United Air Lines, Inc. are now wholly owned subsidiaries of United Continental Holdings, Inc. and should be under one operating certificate by 11/11/11.

    UPS has 107 pilots on furlough and has announced that it will not furlough additional crewmembers. However, the company has current openings and is interviewing for Fixed Base Simulator Instructors only (non-flying position). Detailed job descriptions and minimum requirements are posted on UPS' employment website at These positions are listed under the "Professional" category, under Airline Operations, or by searching Louisville or Anchorage locations. Interested and qualified candidates apply on-line as resumes are not accepted via mail, fax, or e-mail.

    US Airways
    US Airways just opened its application window. The company has offered recall to all US Airways pilots for the EMB-190. However, there are currently 76 on furlough that are bypassing. Our reliable sources report US Airways is expected to hire 55 additional to fill classes before end of year on the East with the remaining 58 PHX based pilots remaining on furlough and bypassing recall to CLT/PHL/DCA at this time.

    USA 3000 Airlines
    USA 3000 is operating under the name of Brendan Airways LLC. The carrier currently has 35 pilots on furlough.

    USA Jet
    USA Jet expects to conduct a class in June or July. Accepting resumes. The company just launched its first MD-83 for passenger operations. USA Jet attended the job fair in Las Vegas in April.
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    Good summary of the industry right now. From a FltOps email sent out today (Part 2 of 2):

    Vietnam Airlines
    Vietnam Airlines is recruiting for various crew positions on the B777, A330, A320/321, ATR 72 and Fokker 70. Please contact or Additional details are available online. Applicants must be under the age of 55.

    Virgin America
    Virgin America is hiring 75 additional pilots this year. The company expects delivery of 7 more aircraft in 2011.

    Virgin Australia
    Virgin Australia is accepting online applications. The company requires the pilot to hold a current Australian passport or a current overseas passport with an unrestricted right to work in Australia and hold an Australian ATPL or Australian CPL with examination passes for all Australian ATPL Academic requirements.

    Vision Airlines
    Vision is a Part 121 Scheduled and Charter operation. The company is not accepting pilot resumes.

    WASINC International
    WASINC is a crew leasing firm. WASINC is currently recruiting B-737NG and A320 PICs for Shenzhen Airlines; A320, EMB-190 and EMB-145 PICs for Tianjin Airlines; B-747-400 Rated and Non-Rated PICs for Air China Cargo; A320 PICs for Beijing Capital Airlines; B-747-400 PICs and SICs for Grandstar Cargo Airlines; B-737NG, B-767, A330 and A340 PICs for Hainan Airlines. Applicants can view minimum qualifications, competitive pay and benefits package offered and contract details for each carrier by going to WASINC International attended the job fair in Las Vegas in April.

    West Air
    West Air is interviewing pilots and plans to hire pilots in the next three months.

    West Coast Charters
    West Coast Charters is accepting resumes.

    World Airline Services
    World Airline Services (WAS) established in 1995 is a Worldwide Aviation Consulting Firm, also providing crew leasing and assigning pilots for companies such as Asiana Air, Korean Air, and other Asian Countries. The company has an immediate need for B-747-400, B-777, B-737, A330 and A320 PICs and SICs. Applicants can view minimum qualifications and apply online or send their resume to with copied in the email.

    World Airways
    World Airways is reportedly interviewing a few pilots a month with small new hire classes each month. The carrier will accept delivery of its 5th B-747-400 in September.

    XOJET is accepting online applications.

    Xtra Airways
    Xtra Airways is accepting pilot resumes and may resume hiring in June.
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    That's untrue... we had new-hires start in May and I am pretty sure I heard of at least one ASA class start in May.
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    We are currently seeking to employ Captains, First Officers and Fast Track Second Officers who are motivated, have high standards both professionally and personally, and who wish to become part of our continued growth and success. If you know any Captains, First Officer and Fast Track Second Officers who would like to be considered and join our culturally diverse Pilot workforce, please ask them to come and visit us during our open days in New York, Chicago and Atlanta to find out how they can be part of an award winning journey.

    City: New York

    Venue: Doubletree Hotel JFK Airport

    Dates: Tuesday, 5 July 2011 & Wednesday, 6 July 2011

    Sessions: Morning 10am & Afternoon 1pm

    City: Chicago

    Venue: Chicago Marriott O’Hare

    Dates: Thursday, 7 July 2011 & Friday, 8 July 2011

    Sessions: Morning 10am & Afternoon 1pm

    City: Atlanta

    Venue: Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport

    Dates: Saturday, 9 July 2011 and Sunday, 10 July 2011

    Sessions: Morning 10am & Afternoon 1pm

    To view our minimum requirements and to apply please visit our website
  9. Jun 22, 2011 #349




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    Oct 15, 2007
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    Customs and Border Protection
    Department: Department Of Homeland Security
    Agency: Customs and Border Protection
    Job Announcement Number: MHCAMDE-475469-LRW

    $57,408.00 - $74,628.00 /year
    Monday, June 20, 2011 to Friday, June 24, 2011
    Full Time Career/Career Conditional
    Multiple duty locations - click here for more info
    United States Citizens

  10. Aug 13, 2011 #350




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    Jan 24, 2008
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    Off Climbto350: CONFIDENTIAL (Embraer Legacy Captain - Middle East / Europe)
    A well established Middle East VIP operator is looking for an experienced EMB145/Legacy Captain to work on a 2 month ON/1 month OFF rotation. The successful candidate will receive an attractive compensation package to include Salary, Per Diem, Accommodation, Transportation, and airline tickets to/from work.

    Minimum qualifications include EMB145 Type rating, 4000 hours total time, 1000hrs on type, FAA 1st class medical, and 6 months currency on the EMB145. Legacy 600 time and international experience preferred but not mandatory.

    Interested applicants should send resume and relevant documents to
  11. Sep 2, 2011 #351




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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Legacy 600 Captain - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia base

    EMB135/145 PIC type rating (vmc circle to land limitation ok)
    US Passport with minimum 2 years validity (for saudi visa)
    Under age 60
    50 Hours PIC on type
    Current on EMB 135/145 type
    Middle East experience preferred

    7000-8000 USD per month (depending on experience)
    100 USD per day per diem
    Housing & auto paid
    30 days paid vacation after 1 year of employment
    Annual round-trip airline ticket to home of record
    Full health insurance (for you only, not for family)

    This is a three-person, co-captain operation wherein one pilot is always off duty when the other two are on. One pilot is American and former XJT. The other is from South America with an airline background. Hiring is due to the third pilot leaving in December, so you need to be able to arrive in Saudi around December 1st. On average, you will be on duty for 20 days per month with 10 off. It is *not* a rotation job in which you could commute to the US during time off (except for the 30 days vacation). However, commuting within the region (europe/mid east) is possible. You will *not* be able to move your family to Saudi Arabia. The contract is for 1 year, renewable. The airplane flight schedule is mostly short-notice (3-24 hours), on-demand. Flight/Rest scheduling is analogous to Part 91 operations but the airplane only flies 20-50 hours per month. Trip length can last an afternoon or three weeks. Destinations are mostly within Middle East, with occasional travel to Europe and the US.

    This job is nothing like flying for an airline. You will load passenger bags, direct aircraft servicing (lav, fuel, water) and fly dynamic (sometimes unpredictable) schedules. You must have a great deal of patience not only in the job, but just to live in the Mid East. If you are interested, email your resume and cover letter to
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    ERJ145 Captains (Upgrade to the EMB190) - PAID FOR BY THE AIRLINE

    • Upgrade from the ERJ145 to the EMB190 aircraft - PAID FOR BY THE AIRLINE
    • EMB190 Captains are also required
    • Compensation: $152,000 USD/year + Overtime
    Reply to this email with:

    Your Full Name: ___________________

    Phone No.: (including country code) ___________________

    Your ERJ PIC flight time: ___________________

    If you know of any ERJ145 or EMB190 Captains that would like either of these opportunities, please forward this email to them or have them contact us at We need your help!

    Best regards,

    Ted Revis

    Tel: +1 480 288 6900
    Fax: +1 480 288 7707
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    Welcome to California Pacific Airlines (CP Air), a new entrant Part 121 air carrier engaged in the FAA certification process, anticipating the beginning of revenue service in 2012. We are presently accepting applications for our Initial Cadre of Check Airmen who will be the leaders of our Flight Department in operations and training. We are looking for highly qualified, highly motivated, and highly experienced individuals who fit our culture and value system, and who are excited about the challenge of being on the ground floor of a new airline. Based in Carlsbad, California, we aim to create a culture that identifies us as a hometown airline, and offers our customers a “better way” of flying. Our plans are to begin service with E170’s with a rapid expansion into other aircraft in the E-JET family. Our Initial Cadre should have previous check airmen or instructor experience in Part 121 or Part 135 operations, and be willing to locate themselves in proximity to Carlsbad. They must go through an internal approval process at CP Air, and an external process and acceptance with our FAA Flight Standards District Office.
    If you feel that you meet the requirements to be considered as a candidate, possess the values that are the foundation of the culture we are creating, and want to accept the challenge of a new entrant carrier, then please apply for these initial positions. Once our Initial Cadre has been selected, we will begin accepting and screening applications for future pilot positions.

    John Ross
    Senior Vice President of Operations
    Director of Operations

    [HR][/HR] If you are currently and active member of the Airline Apps system and are interested in this unique opportunity at CP Air, please login to your account and add California Pacific Airlines to your job targeting list. If you wish to start a new application for CP Air, please go to and click the new applicant link.
    We wish you the best in your career and thank you for using the Airline Apps system.
    Plato Rhyne
    Airline Apps, Inc.
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    I just got this email, thought I would send it on.

    We are looking for a Legacy 600 SIC for immediate start. With this regard could you please forward me your resume with hours on type, date of last flight on type, expiry of PC on type and age? Thanks and regards, Loyed Sacrias
  15. Dec 23, 2011 #355




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    *BUMP* Still looking... but have expanded criteria to include FO's. If you only have the SIC rating, the pay would be 6000 USD/month with the same benefits stated below. Looking for someone who can start ASAP. Note that foreign-earned income below 89k/year USD is tax free.

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    Does anyone have access to There is a new posting (1-30-12) for a job in STL that I would like to know more about. I thought I would ask before I sign up for a membership for one month.
  17. Feb 1, 2012 #357




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    I saw a listing for an Anheuser Busch pilot based in STL on the now free 'USPilot' might that be the position?

  18. Feb 1, 2012 #358




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    Thanks.. I will take a look at USPilot
  19. Feb 8, 2012 #359




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    If you’re looking for a big-iron cockpit job and wouldn’t mind relocating halfway around the world, you may be in luck: Pan Am International Flight Academy and Wasinc International, China’s largest pilot placement firm, are hosting job fairs at Pan Am’s Miami and Las Vegas training centers.

    Pan Am is hosting the Miami job fair Feb. 23 and 24 at its headquarters at the Miami International Airport. The Las Vegas job fair will be held on Feb. 26. Pilots attending either event will have the opportunity to participate in evaluations and meet and greet recruiters from 12 major Chinese airlines with open cockpit slots.

    “This unique job fair is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” for the right person, said Greg Darrow, senior director of sales for Pan Am. Interest, he said, has been incredibly strong, with hundreds of pilots expected to show up at the job fairs.

    The participating Chinese airlines include Shenzhen Airlines, Air China, Hainan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Chengdu Airlines, Spring Airlines, Okair, and West Air. Air China alone has a fleet of 252 airplanes and flies to 63 international cities, 3 regions and 90 domestic cities.

    Mr. Darrow continues: "Pan Am is excited to bring this opportunity to pilots seeking jobs in China, an ever-growing, exploding region with tremendous opportunities. Rarely do such Chinese aviation power players gather in one place.”"

    Airline and U.S. government representatives will be on hand during the day-long events, as will several current pilots flying in China, who will share their insights and answer any attendee questions.

    Attendance is expected to be high at both locations and space is limited. Candidates are encouraged to register early by visiting the Pan Am website: or calling Pan Am direct at 877-394-2118.

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