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Jan 26, 2007
I was on reserve when ASA took over scheduling. Legacy XJT scheduling understood the part of the contract that said if you check your schedule 15 after block in that was the notification. ASA never quite got the memo and INSISTED that you call back, or self-notify. I never did. It drove them insane. Their insistence also drove me insane so dealing with this was my new purpose in life. It started with installing a call blocker on my phone. Scheduling was whitelisted during periods of phone availability but blacklisted when I was not. When my phone was on it would block the call. If you were the blacklisted person calling you wouldn't hear the ring nor would you be able to leave a message. The blocker would just cancel the call. I had them blacklisted during a phone availability period once and saw them call 5 times in a 1 minute period. 2 minutes later there was a UTC on my schedule. I called back and asked about it:

"You didn't answer your phone!"


"We weren't able to contact you, so you get a UTC!"

"That was 5 minutes ago. I have 15 minutes to return your call."

"We removed the UTC. Have a nice day."

Next instance: I land. Check my schedule. They added an overnight. I go to the plane. Scheduling starts calling. They are blacklisted because I'm not phone available so they can't get through. I forget the exact numbers but they called something like 43 times in a 10 minute period. While I'm sitting on the plane I hear the gate agent's radio. Ops says scheduling can't find the CA for my flight. I check my schedule and they removed me so I went home. I ended up with a 48 hour overnight at home.

Scheduling eventually wised up and realized that they can't leave a message while my phone is on but they can while it's off. At this point, they started calling me and leaving messages while I was flying. Multiple messages. To the point of harassment.

To deal with that I forwarded my calls to my wife when my phone was off. The 1st day I did that scheduling calls me. I'm on the way to the hotel. I don't answer. The call goes to the wife.

Is CA xxx there?

No, he's at work.

...but...he's supposed to have a phone.

He does, but he's at work.

...can...can you tell him about his schedule modification?

No. That's your job.

Oh, ok.

I get to the hotel and the manager tells me to call scheduling. I tell him I'm not going to.

The next morning at 0430 scheduling calls. The call goes to the wife.

Is CA xxx there?

No. He's at work.

Can you tell him about his schedule?

No. That's your job.

Ok bye.

3 minutes later scheduling calls. The next scheduler is nasty to my wife:


No he's at work.


I can't he's at work.


That ended up with a visit to the chief pilot.

To combat this I got a new phone line dedicated to scheduling and only scheduling but it did not have voicemail. If you call when the phone is off you got, "We're sorry, the subscriber you called is not available or is outside of the service area."

One day T-mobile decided to turn my voicemail on. It took scheduling about 3 minutes to start leaving messages. Forwarding to my wife had proved troublesome in the past, so I decided to forward scheduling's calls back to scheduling. If they called me and my phone was off they ended up calling themselves. While not illegal it pissed them off something fierce. I got an email from Semak about that one LMAO.

To once and for all deal with voicemail and phones and their ability to harass me with them I got a pager. Yes. A 1990's pager. Guess how many schedulers tried to leave a voicemail on it. On average it was twice a week and I have many stories about my pager and scheduling.

All of this started pre 117 so scheduling would call you at 0400 at the hotel on an overnight to tell you about a schedule modification that you would see later anyway. If you didn't answer your phone they would send hotel staff to your room to knock on your door and tell you to call them. Fu(k those guys LMAO


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Jul 15, 2004
Getting us kicked out of GSO for banging an F/A in the hot tub is #1....good times
The "wall" is still there. It's our current layover hotel. And it was GSP, not GSO.

The weird, crazy van driver wasn't there the last time I was. "Welcome to the Crowne!"

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