Anyone on here out for a long period of years due to medical

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Aug 2, 2015
Hey Folks!

I am out on medical leave for the last 16-months due to medical issues and just found out from the Feds that they don't want to talk to me until 2021.

I would like to talk to anyone that has been out for several years due to health and how you were handled by the Feds and the company when you returned. Please PM me.

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Mar 9, 2009
The Aeromedical volunteers will give you all the AMAS info. AMAS will speed your return to work paperwork. It still isn't fast, but faster than ploughing through Fed red tape. As was mentioned above it is free as your union dues covered it. The company was fine about me coming back. Once they realized I had a medical again (it took them 3 weeks to register the fact that I had informed them I had one again), they got me into a class pretty quick for requal. About 2 weeks after I gave them a nudge about the medical.


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Apr 15, 2003
Once you are out for 2 years, you have to go back through the full new hire footprint for training. Between 2 and 2.5 months depending on how often you get rescheduled. The ground school has been really stretched out and dumbed down. Schedule is pretty consistent until you get to the sims, then they start messing around with your days and you can't count on it. Then probably 2 trips for IOE - you need 25 hours minimum.

I highly recommend that if you don't live in IAH, either bid out of it or base trade so that you will get a paid hotel, positive space travel to and from your home of record, and per diem. Just per diem for 2+ months can add up significantly.

If you went out on regular medical, you do not get any credit for pay longevity when on leave. OJI is different. In other words, if you went out at year 10 pay, you will return at year 10 pay regardless of hire date. There may be some other pay quirks that will require a call to payroll to straighten out.

When you do get your medical, you will need to contact your base chief pilot and set up an appointment for fingerprinting and drug testing. After they get the results back from that (should be a week or less) they will get you into the next available class. Based on our hiring goals, I'm guessing that they will be planning for 2 classes per month going forward, so it should be pretty quick.

You should get your LTD pay all the way up until starting class - the union may tell you differently. HW will probably pay you for a full month and then if you start training halfway through the month, they will bill you for the overpayment, so keep that in mind when you get your last LTD check. Also remember that according to the contract, you are entitled to 80 hours of pay for any full month of training. When they do start paying you, verify that they are paying you correctly.

As far as the FAA, I highly recommend just using AMAS to deal with them.
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