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Thread: Must have alcohol in a "home" bar...

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    I am not a big drinker but I am building a small bar in my hangar and am curious what are the types of alcohol (other than beer) one should have stocked in a "home" bar....

    Anyone live in the Cincy area (or anywhere else for that matter) is more than welcome to stop by on the 23rd of this month. KMWO (Middletown, Ohio)

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    I'd say it depends. If you're gonna be into mixed drinks, you're gonna need some rum, vodka, gin as well as some mixers.

    But, if it's just men coming over, Bourbon/Whiskey/Scotch should be enough.
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    A good drinking taquila from Mexico will impress even the hardest whisky drinker.

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    Johnny Walker black (or blue if your a captian at $150 per bottle)
    Straight Rum - no cocanut or fruit. As a matter of fact get 1 dark rum and one light rum
    Vodka - The more money you spend, the better it usually is. But go middle of the road and buy Stoli
    Gin - Again nothing fancy go with tanguaray (sp)
    You could also go with a good sniffing drink. If you can find it gor a good price, get some b&b. Its benedictine and brandy, but the name is still B&B. Usually about $25 bucks for a smaller bottle.

    As far a a good wiskey- I like Jameson.

    Good start


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    Do you live near the hotel? I have a 32 hr overnight there, get in late 22nd, leave early the 24th.

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    For your pimp side you will need endless amounts of Crystal

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    For Vodka you should have a top shelf and a middle. The middle is for mixing, while the topshelf is for martinis or neat. Go Stoli for the middle and then Grey Goose (my personal fav) or Kettle One for the higher level. Or, as Myth Busters proves, you can filter cheap vodka through Brita filters and the average person will think it's more expensive!

    And no bar is complete without a good Irish whiskey. Try Jameson, or Tullamore Dew.
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    Rubbing alcohol for those nasty cuts and bruises is a MUST in any home...

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    Don Julio Tequila. Enough said.

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    Sorteliege Maple Whiskey from Quebec City, Quebec. Sold for $27 at the duty free shop right outside our gate in the terminal. It is really a smooth, sweet whiskey that is suitable to drink on the rocks. I don't drink liquor much, but this was actually a decent choice. I had it last Christmas with the family, and all were impressed of this "import."

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