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Thread: Is there anyone who visits the site that we on to SWA

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    Hello All: I have been invited to interview at SWA. Im trying to locate someone at Southwest who has flown with. Any recommendations are really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Paul Feduchak

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    Who was the guy who made the perfect blown tire emergency landing on television? He went immediately to SWA.

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    I'm sure you know at least someone. Did you go to any recruiting events or just straight up apply?
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    Just applied. I couldn't get into the SWA events, not fast enough.

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    Get in touch with Todd Nichols/xkuzme1
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    Thanks very much. I just sent him a PM...

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    Tons of former XJT over here. Todd has a list and if he doesnt send it to you I can do so. Good luck!!!
    Colin Scott
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