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Thread: Jumpseat with Hawaiian

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    Default Jumpseat with Hawaiian

    Does anyone know if we have a pilot jumpseat agreement with Hawaiian? If so how do we list since Myidtravel does not give this option.


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    Here ya go:


    CASS Carrier
    Jumpseats are available to eligible pilots and dispatchers of carriers that maintain reciprocal jumpseat agreements with Hawaiian Airlines. Boarding will be first-come first-served. HA has unlimited “flow-back” jumpseats (via available cabin seats) on all inter-island, transpacific, and international flights (cabin seating only). Note: carriers not participating in CASS will only receive cabin seating.
    Jumpseaters seated in the cabin are not permitted to consume alcohol. Uniform or business casual attire is required. When boarding begins, please proceed to the cockpit and introduce yourself to the Captain, regardless of seat assignment. Pilots will be required to present a valid company ID, airmen and current medical certificates. The jumpseat access is the sole discretion of the Captain.
    HA does not offer OAL pilot listing for jumpseating.
    In HNL, OAL pilots requesting an INTER-ISLAND or TRANSPACIFIC jumpseat MUST check in first at either the SERVICE PODIUM in HA main terminal, OR the Check-In podium(s) in the Inter-island terminal adjacent to gate(s): 53, OR 54/55, OR 59. There is no jumpseat processing/check-in directly at a departure gate(s).
    In HNL, call Hawaiian Airlines reservations and identify yourself as an OAL jumps eater. Request a PNR for the flight you wish to travel on and present this PNR to the check-in agent at the front lobby counters.

    Flights departing the mainland U.S. are processed directly at the departure gate.
    Flights departing from an INTERNATIONAL gateway REQUIRE an listing AND tax/fee payment prior to check-in at a main lobby counter. Check-in counters cannot create listing(s) and/or process fees/taxes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miked3016 View Post
    Does anyone know if we have a pilot jumpseat agreement with Hawaiian? If so how do we list since Myidtravel does not give this option.

    FYI beware in HNL. You HAVE TO check in for the jumpseat at the ticket counter!!!!! I think this is the only station they do this, I have never had issues in LIH or OGG. But in HNL you have to leave security and go to the counter. Also, in HNL the inter island flying is in a separate terminal. So if you are connecting in and going inter island allow time for the walk (10 minutes at a fast pace). I did a 60 minute turn there from UA to inter island but it was reaaaaallly tight.

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