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Thread: Perrone Leather Jacket (Large - $249 obo) and Jacket Blazer (42L - $99 obo) for sale

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    ExpressJet Pilot Perrone Leather Jacket (Large) - $249 obo:

    This authentic Perrone Large leather jacket fits 42-44 according to their website. Exterior: 8/10 - There is one minor scratch on the left pocket that is barely noticeable, with some creasing on the back of the jacket. Interior: 7/10 - Some stitching on the inside is frayed, but otherwise clean with no cuts or stains. My name and ID is stitched into the lining of the jacket. You can either remove the stitching, or send it to Perrone to have your name and ID put in instead. The back of the interior does have the retro ASA logo, but the jacket itself is the same as a new model. The interior comes with the warm Thinsulate inner lining. Also included are the ExpressJet Wing Patch, Blank Wing Patch and Captain Epaulets.

    ExpressJet Pilot Blazer Jacket (42L) - $99 obo:

    This jacket was purchased from Crew Outfitters, and is a 42L. There are no noticeable marks inside or out, but does have my name and ID number written on the size label inside the jacket (Exterior: 8/10, Interior: 8/10).

    I am based in ATL, and live in Melbourne, FL. Private Message me if you're interested, we can arrange a fitting time and location.
    See pictures below.

    Thanks for your interest - Live the Dream!

    - Ryan


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    FYI: I sold my blazer in a similar size for $15. Just giving you an idea of the market

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    Thanks qotsaautopilot. Looks like OBO will come into play then.

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    Thanks for looking. These jackets have been sold!

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