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Thread: Car mechanic in the Spring/Woodlands area

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    Does anyone have a trustworthy car mechanic they use in the Spring/Woodlands area? Preferably not a dealership or chain like Midas.


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    Dans automotive. I have been taking my car to him for years. Honest mechanic and I have never had any issue with him.
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    I'll check it out. Thanks.

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    Mueller's Auto Service
    28928 Hardin Store Rd Magnolia, TX 77354
    (281) 356-8114
    Auto Repair Shop

    Try these guys. I have sent many guys from XJT to them and none have ever complained. Great people have been around for over 30 years. They will fix your vehicle and save you money.
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    J&W transmission. Justin has been working on my car for a while. Honest guy. He is off Aldine Westfield and ryliefuzzle.

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    DO NOT go to Woodlands Car Care. They tried to overcharge me and then the timing belt they replaced fell off a month later. It took months of legal wrangling to get my money back. Stay away.

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    Sawdust auto clinic
    near the Woodlands area

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