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Thread: Flyzed

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    Anyone know why is down and not working?

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    We lost ZED fares again. Something about us not paying the zed membership fee.

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    ^^^^^^I have no clue what this means, but flyzed has nothing to do with our ZED agreements......FWIW is back up and running

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    I use the website as a guide when flying on other airline outside of the U.S. Glad to see it's back up and running
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    Just checked and is still down. What's going on?

    Are there any other good alternatives out there for looking at loads and schedules of other airlines for commuters?
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  6. #6 will give you flights, it just won't give you the nice smiley face/frown.

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    Flyzed was up and running for a bit, but is down again. Does anyone know why?

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    The website is behaving weird lately. Works a few minutes then down for 15 minutes then back up again. Probably some kind of server issue for them.

  9. #9 is now It doesn't look like you can check loads anymore.

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    When you goto, it says that the site has been replaced by "other" non rev sites. No clue what that means. But if anyone knows of another website that shows available flights between cities along with a general idea of loads....PLEASE SHARE!!!!!

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