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Thread: Anyone in ORD want to make $50 today on their sit/reserve time?

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    I left my wallet in the seatback pocket of an American 737 last night ORD-SAN, and it didn't turn up in SAN. The aircraft is due back in ORD at 5:51PM today, flight 580 currently going to H15. I was in 15C.

    It's a black Tumi wallet. The name on the driver's license is Anthony Barnes. My number is (831)five88-418nine. $50 for information leading to its return to yours truly.

    I would never put my wallet in a seatback, but it was one of those things that occasionally happen. Please hold your critique, it's bad enough as is.

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    Been there, done that. Best of luck to ya getting it back, I'd like to think there are enough honest people in this world.

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