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Thread: Q400 lands in IAH with gear problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagles View Post
    The Q400 has had a history of gear problems. This has happen in EWR a couple times since 2008. There was an international airline that stopped flying the Q because of so many gear issues. Bombardier put all the blame on their MX techniques. I don't remember if that company returned them to Bombardier or they began to operate the Q again. I wonder who the undisclosed United partner is who will be operating the fleet. A friend of mine says he doubts his company commuteair would get the whole operation. He said in all likely hood he could see them getting maybe 5, but to ramp up a whole 28 Q400's would be too much. But hey this was just a Pilot's opinion and we obviously have proven to know nothing about the business of this industry...
    That was at Scandinavian Airlines and they flew them at MAINLINE. Their issues were also due to them being based in Copenhagen right on the water and having the oldest Q400s (they were the launch customer). The salt in the air corroded some component in the landing gear that Bombardier didn't specify needed to be inspected. Not SAS Technic's fault. Colgan and their crap reliability is beyond me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Time2Spare View Post
    I can't wait until we get the Q400 here. We will never have problems like this cause our maintenance is the best.
    Our deception is working....excellent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    Our deception is working....excellent.
    "These aren't the droids you're looking for", eh Jeff??
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