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Thread: turbo tax and ezperdiem question

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    I am at the part where I am feeling out the Job-Ralated expenses into turbo-tax. My question is...

    On the page that asks, "Tell us about any reimbursements" it says enter the amount in box 12 with code letter "L". I do not have a code letter "L" in box 12. In box 14 has NONTXPDM with an amount.

    Do I use the NONTXPDM for the reimbursement for DOT meals and entertainment?

    Or do I keep the reimbursement for DOT meals and entertainment blank because it is included in box 1.

    I hope my question is clear.

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    Box 1 on your w2 does not include your perdiem (meal reimbursement). Use the amount from box 14.

    Disclaimer: Im not an accountant but I did stay at a Holliday inn express last night

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    Thanks for the help.. I didn't think box 1 included perdiem but I am easily confused when it comes to taxes and it's late at night.

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