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Thread: Baggage Allowance

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    I am non-reving my enrolled friend DFW-SFO-FRA because first is wide open on the 74... She is actually moving to FRA so has a bunch to take and didn't really want to ship her clothes (don't ask). I ask 2 UNITED ticket agents at the DFW ticket counter what the non-rev baggage allowance is. They both agreed it was 5 bags under 70 lbs. Tonight I had issues booking the flight and had to call the Epass line so while I was on the phone I ask her the same question, she said that it was only 2 bags up to 70 lbs unless your in first then it's 3 bags up to 70lbs and after that it's $200.00 a bag.

    She is moving 4 hours away from Frankfort De so UNITED cargo isn't a option. Anyone deal with this before or have suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Go to FedEx and ship the bags with our discount. Even if the cost is the same she'll get them at her door vs. lugging them around.

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