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Thread: Lost telex 850 headset

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    Commuted into work on Saturday 3/31 on aircraft 567 from RIC to ORD. Had my headset out b/c I thought I was sitting up front. Eagle jumpseater needed accomodated so I took the back seat. While sitting next to coat closet, I set my headset inside and forgot it. Spoke to the Captain of the flight on Sunday and he found it, but could not find me and did not know my last name. He ran into an unidentified xjt Fo who was going to the crew room. He gave gave it to said "spiky blonde haired" FO to take to the crew around midday Saturday. I've asked the chiefs to let me know when it is turned in, but as of Sunday, it was not in the lost and found. No word today either. If whomever has the headset sees this, can you please contact me at 8043044254 or contact the ORD Chiefs as they are expecting to hear from you. I'll be in and out if ORD on Tues with a 2 hr morning sit. -Bryan Lawlor ORD CA

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    Good luck Bryan. I have had some good luck with a few lost items over the years. I hope you have a good standup guy here that gets ya reunited.
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    "spiky blonde haired" jejeje we got a lot of those lately...need an hour wake up prior to the van to get the "look" just right...

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