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Thread: Need help trading my vacation week! Anyone? ORD Captain!

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    My wife is due with our first on Nov 11th. I would like to trade weeks of vacation with someone. I have left week 28 which is July 9th-15th or week 41 which is Oct 8th-14th. I know the Oct vacation is not very tempting but thats what i would like to trade first but I am willing to trade my other one in July. Thanks and the week I need is 46 I believe. Or somewhere there abouts. Thanks in advance.
    Ord Ca!

    Please call me cause I am very rarely on the pipe!!

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    Best method than a blind shot here is to find who has the week you need via the Vacation award and drop a note in each v-file with your trade request. I did it for our first and it didn't take long to find a trade. Best of luck and congrats.

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    Did you look to see if you could trade it in with an open slot? I saw FO's had quite a few open...not sure about Captains. Take a look and see if you can trade it with an open week first and you might not have to do the legwork mentioned above.
    Gordon Shumway
    ORD CA
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