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Thread: ORD Crash Pad...Super clean/nice, NOT 18 people in a two bedroom.

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    I haven't had space in over a year because those who stay here like it too much to really leave. But due to base trades and a guy getting another job, I've got two openings for April. This is no ordinary crashpad, this is my home, so the place remains spotless, and its only one spare room with bunks.

    About the place:

    Two blocks South of Logan Square. Complex borders Palmer Park.
    2 bed/2 bath - Crasher share the guest room which is very spacious with four bunks (no hot bunks).
    Apartment is 1200 sq/ft approx, very spacious being you'll normally have it to yourself.
    Apartment has been renovated within the past few years all hardwood new looking interior, fully furnished with multiple couches.
    46" TV/Xbox/Internet/Cable/Netflix all available.
    Full kitchen (supply your own food thanks)
    Walking distance from name it; bars, restaurants, grocery, shops, anything! (Blueline is a 5-7 minute walk, about four blocks)

    THis is no ordinary slum-lord crashpad, you're going to like it guaranteed if you've experienced others.

    Cost: $225 a month; and last month must be paid within 2 months of moving in.

    Grown ups only; meaning clean your own mess, and respect others. (Don't care about CA/FO/FAs/male/female doesn't matter which, but you must pay bills ontime, and if you got drama need not apply.)

    Questions or concerns feel free to email me at (In you email tell me a little about yourself and what you expect from a pad and I'll let you know if this is the place for ya.)

    Pictures available upon request.

    Thanks for your interest.

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    One spot recently available. Email me if you're interested. Thanks.

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