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Thread: Another one D1?

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    Just to be clear, the story isn't that he's a right wing, pro family values Gay Conservative that's been outed. The story is he's an anti illegal immigration Sheriff who has an illegal immigrant boyfriend.

    I swear these guys are plants.

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    Paul Babeu was also, until Saturday, the Arizona co-chair for the Mitt Romney campaign.

    Like RSJ said, you can't make this stuff up. For that matter why bother?

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    Another "1" what?? Care to expand on just what you are trying to accomplish or what you mean byt the "1"???

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    Quote Originally Posted by dynamiteone View Post
    Another "1" what?? Care to expand on just what you are trying to accomplish or what you mean byt the "1"???
    Another hypocritical politician, that wears a republican hat.

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    I'll be glad to clarify for you what everyone else seems to get. Another hypocritical republican who claims to stand for something only to find out they don't. Notice how this story isn't about him being Gay? No one cares because this Sheriff doesn't go around promoting a anti-gay agenda. No one cares about his personal life. BUT, he has been an outspoken proponent of sealing the border AND has been against anyone who is here illegally. YET, it seems he has a boyfriend who is an illegal and he knew it.

    How's that for another dose of hypocrisy?

    This is a great example of why people like you, values voters, are the biggest suckers around. The right can't run on a record of prosperity, or any other tangible things Americans care about. So they make up these fake arguments about social issues to get people like you all upset and to vote for them. When in reality they don't care about those issues and a lot of times they are leading a life contradictory to what they spew on the stump. AND, when they get into office they don't really do anything about those social issues. The Tea Baggers are the only ones trying to do anything about the social issues and they are seeing the backlash. Governor Walker's recall in Wisconsin and the voters in Ohio repealing anti labor bills are an example. The most recent on a National scale would be from 2000-2006 when republicans had both houses on congress and the presidency yet failed to overturn Roe V. Wade or even to weaken it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBills View Post
    Another hypocritical politician, that wears a republican hat.
    And total silence on the likes of Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton. I could see your point if you and the rest of you pious finger pointers would acknowledge the filth of the democrats. So, take your little obscure example and have sex with it you want.

    You take an obscure example and try to make it fit the whole population. RSJ even went as far as touting some Elected official in a small southern town from an incident that happened three years ago.

    Tisk tisk all you want with your little obscure meaningless examples. None of them hide the fact your heroes are screwing this country up at every level. Your creepy examples pale in comparison to the misdeeds of your heroes yet, you just don't have the courage to call them out or even acknowledge what they did.

    You have no problem with Obama trampling the constitution. You have no problem with Pelosi telling you they have to pass it to see what's in it. You have no problem with Clinton lying out his butt about Lewinsky. You are totally silent about Teddy killing that girl.

    Clean up your own house before you point your hypocritical fingers at another.

    And here is the fundamental difference between you as a liberal and me as a conservative: that sherrif is disgusting and should be removed from office and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    Not one of you conservative critics have the integrity to say that about one single democrat mentioned.

    That is telling about what makes you tick.

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    Looks like I struck a nerve with someone. 8 rambling sentences to say how this wasn't a big deal.

    So you think he should be fired and prosecuted to the full extent? For what? As far as I know he hasn't been charged with a crime. I'm not surprised coming from you because you seem to always rush to judgment when the facts are still out. I'm not sure why you'd be so bothered by this guy, but seem to be ok with all the rest. I guess because this story wasn't about him being gay, but being a hypocrite on immigration. I'm starting to realize with each post why you get so angry. I'm beginning to see what you're hiding.

    You also need to go back and have your wife re read our posts. Seems your memory is fading. Myself, Nixon, and other thinking people have criticized plenty of Democrats when they've been hypocrites. You just need to bring up something new and relevant. My posts have all been current, and the one you claim was old, came to light.

    I'm really enjoying this election season. I can't wait to see how crazy you get when the republican candidate gets destroyed electorally by Obama.

    BTW, the economy must be dong great and rebounding because your pathetic party is back to the social issues fight which real Americans could care less about.

    Now go back to crying and pick up your pacifier while you're at it.

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