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Thread: Continental HHD available for UA ORD flights February 21

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    I just found out that the HHD (cashless cabin) is coming to ORD starting Feb. 21st, as well as the Food-for-Sale program. I'm assuming that ORD, DEN catering will inventory and replace the liquor tray/beer tub as is done at the CAL bases with Chelsea? Guess you can now transmit the HHD at ORD?

    Surely they will use the same HHD program used at CAL bases? I'm guessing that catering will place the 2 food trays on the galley floor for the FA to stock?

    With everyone now using the HHD, I hope we can come up with a better storage location. I'm assuming that we are still using the hot cup location?

    March bid package has lots of EWR pairings now passing through ORD and DEN. Guess that's why they finally are getting this lined up.
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