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Thread: Bose repair

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    Well my trusty headset is having a couple issues. I called Bose and he told me that because it's out of warranty that it's a flat fee of $175 just to send it in but that would include any and all repairs and return shipping. Anyone have any other options? I don't have two Benjamins sprouting in the garden.

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    You know anyone in Boston or do you feel like heading up there on a day off? If you take your Bose headset in person to their headquarters in Framingham (about 35 minutes west of Boston) they will repair them free while you wait, regardless of warranty status. I did that a few months ago for a grounding issue in the left earcup. They replaced pretty much everything for free and did it in 45 minutes. No appointment necessary.

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    Anyone up that way want to do me a favor?? I'll ship it to you and back to me with enough extra for a case of your choice.

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    Their (Bose) service and support has taken a nose dive recently. I had a Bose headset years ago and the support was fantastic, even though some of the issues were my fault. Never charged me a dime, even after the warranty was out.

    Now I have a new Bose headset and have some issues, and the tone of their support is completely different. Still superficially helpful, but reluctant to ship parts or replace suspected parts.

    I don't know if this is just a corporate directive from Bose in general or a new support manager but I seriously miss David Clark customer service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HB Pilot View Post
    I did that a few months ago for a grounding issue in the left earcup.
    wow, in the past 12 years with the X and the 3 months with the A20, that is the exact same problem I have had with mine, once on each set. last time I sent them in from Guam, and even though they were 8 years out of warranty, they gave me a courtesy repair.
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    Best way to repair the Bose is to trade them in on a set of Lightspeed Zulus. I like my Zulus even better than my Clarity Alofts.

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    I'm not buying a new headset

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    Quote Originally Posted by qotsaautopilot View Post
    I'm not buying a new headset
    Not sure where you live man but if you can do it as a day trip, just go up to Boston for the day, spend the $30 on a rental car and get it done. Like I said, I had a grounding issue on the left earcup and they replaced literally everything on the headset except for the metal part on the top. 90% of what they replaced for me was fine. It's like a brand new headset.

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    I just sent mine back. As promised one week and $175.00 plus tax. A day at home is worth $145.00 to me (175-rental car). They completely went through my headset and replaced everything. New yokes, controller, wind screen, head rest, ear cups, plugs. As a side note mine was also grounding out.

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    I bought one because of their customer service...

    Last November I was deployed to Afghanistan. One of our pilots had his Bose headset in the CONNEX (shipping/storage container) out behind the hangar. At about 0430 on Nov 4th, a 107mm rocket landed on top of the CONNEX, which incidentally, was 15 ft from our hooch. Anyway, to make a long story short, he emailed Bose, as the headset was literally disintegrated, and two weeks later a new one showed up in the mail.

    I'll continue to buy Bose products until they give me a reason not to...
    Nothing to see here...move along.
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