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Thread: Global Entry

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    Has anyone been through the Global Entry process? Just curious how long does it take to process, anyone been denied, how long does the interview take, what type of things do they ask?

    I'm all about not paying for something that the company should be paying for, but it seems that I'm always finishing a 4 day with a Mexico turn and I had to wait almost 45 minutes a couple of weeks ago because the line was rediculous. If it saves me from missing a commute home, it will pay for itself.

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    if you go in and out of mexico on a regular basis, it'll be about the best money you can spend. You google Global Entry, go online, fill out about a 20 minute questionnaire (be sure to have your history on hand) and give them your credit card number. In about two weeks they'll send you an email. Go back online and pick yourself an appointment time (before your next show by about an hour) Go in to terminal E downstairs where the Starbucks is and you'll see the door to the GE wing of CBT. Let them take your fingerprints, get your sticker and you're out.......

    $100 for five years.... and it'll take you about 20 seconds to clear customs no matter how many international heavies are there. WORTH THE MONEY

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    I well second that Global Entry is awesome. I mean it comes out to like $1.80 a month, how much is your personal time worth? Granted it really only helps if you personal travel out of the country, or do a lot of Mexico turns. You come in during that 230pm bank a time or two and it is WELL worth it.

    And once you get the letter saying to make an appointment you can just walk right in and they will take care of you. I have done that in IAH and EWR and those guys always got me right in.

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    I did it! Don't forget to write if off on your taxes!

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    If only there were something like this for the security theater line. Hmmmm

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    How long for the initial application to be approved? Mine still says 'Pending Review'

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    Took me about two weeks.... Same for the wife. You'll get a response and then a link to the calendar to pick a day to come in and get it done. Pick a day that you have a late start and go in right before your show time. The one in IAH is nice because they are one of the few that is open seven days a week from 6 to like 8pm.... it only take about 15 minutes.

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    The process shouldn't take more than a week or two. I decided to get mine after ninety minutes in line coming back from vacation in Europe.

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    Thanks for the responses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qotsaautopilot View Post
    If only there were something like this for the security theater line. Hmmmm
    Great idea!!! If only there were some automated or "trusted" process by which working flight crewmembers could bypass regular security lines and be verified based on airline badge or Sida badge!!! Might only take a computer with Internet access to a FAA or airline database with photo capability!!!

    If not national, then maybe we could have some sort of bypass at our big hubs, say IAH for example????!!!??

    Would make life a whole lot easier in terms of showing up for work not to mention the modicum of respect and trustworthiness.

    Great idea. Maybe Alpa or the Cpo s could work something out, at least here in IAH's wonderful terminal E.


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