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When the sale was announced, every major publication cited your cost structure as a mitigating factor in why the deal was taking place. I never meant to offend anyone, I said 'part' of why. Please don't take my comments out of context. I would like to know, justlurking, what points I dismissed? I never put down your contract. I pointed out the what AFA has to offer FA's. I sincerely hope that when we are looking to negotiate the new agreement, you know that we aspire towards the best of both. No doubt that the company will make a mint on this deal, why shouldn't we get our portion of it. I have been with ASA for over 13 years and know that our people are really looking forward to having you guys onboard. I have sensed more hostility on your part towards us. I would like to keep this friendly and informative.
Having US on board? Pretty pretentious dont you think. I'd figure 13 years of service would have made you smarter than that. Skywest purchased XJT, not ASA. Skywest announced that XJT/ASA will be merged. You are not "welcoming us aboard" anything. Both of our companies are doing what Skywest has directed us to do. You guys are just pawns like us.

We look forward to having you aboard XJT.