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Thread: God Speed EWR Flight Attendant Patrick Marcune

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    Was just thinking about him yesterday, they had Flt93 on, he played a small role.
    Remember he and I sitting in the bar in STL talking about life, family, and golf. Great person.

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    Patrick and I were good friends. His initial FA training class started two weeks after I had started in 02. His roommate from initial training is still flying for XJT. We were much older than our classmates and were there to start a second career. We both enjoyed playing golf, he usually carried golf balls in his flight bag, just incase. More than once, scheduling contacted him while on the golf course. His house over in Brooklyn had a great deck for BBQ, which he and his wife often enjoyed with others. He always wore our summer aviator uniform shirt year round with the sleeves rolled up... probably never wore that blazer. And of course, he had a small police badge on as well. He thoroughly enjoyed working with customers.

    He was patriotic, usually working into his announcements his pride for our country, being a NYPD cop, and his acting role playing a cop in the movies. I was completely numb on hearing of his death. He sure gave that cancer a tough battle. He had a mole on his leg, which turned into fatal Melanoma. During treatment, he told me having kids sitting next to himself also receiving treatment broke his heart.

    I remember the funeral home covered with floral arrangements, dozens of photos of his acting and police career were displayed. He was laid to rest in his NYPD uniform. Afterwords, I was invited to spend that afternoon at his home with family and friends. I answered lots of questions from them about Patrick's FA career. I found out he was the only boy in the family, having only sisters and female cousins. I met his 90 year old father, and discovered he was a professional boxer back in the day.

    My memories of Patrick have added much to my life as well. Thanks for remembering to remember someone who died way before his time.

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