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Thread: Master Scab list

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    Quote Originally Posted by love2drive2c5 View Post
    When you say "CAL is the absolute SCAB airline", is this the same CAL that keeps sending me requests from Desk19@airlineapps for a recommendation for your online application? You know, the same CAL you applied to? I really don't think you'd like it here at all.
    Hey I have been clear in all of my post on here that moving on to CAL(or any other airline with a decent pay scale) is a good career move, I am not torquing on current CAL employees who in mind work hard and do a great job, sorry if that is how I came accross, I DO believe that their elder pilot group screwed us all when they went back to work for Lorenzo. It seems as some people on here think that working and getting "their" pay check and supporting people who tear down the industry by breaking strikes is a good idea. I disagree! I get that people need to get to work, so I get why they let CAL scabs ride, but I am talking about the list as a whole and what I see as some SUPPORTING the idea of being a scab, why pay union dues, leave the union.

    Until we stand together as a work group and work for better wages and work rules, with our only real tool being a work stopage, managment is going to try and drive down our wages, it is smart busines, but hey what you do for a living is very valuable, in my mind more valuable that $22 and hour. As one old alpa president once said back when we made decent money "sometimes we have to earn our entire years salary in one flight." I just cannot support the idea of not suporting the guys you work with every day. Enough said on this issue from me!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverFO View Post
    I hate all this pissing in each other's "corn flakes"....but I think CALs union is turning in the right direction....they're pissed about the DNU and the last storm that went through EWR.

    But I'm still confused on "your" j/s, I'm not on the list, but you make it sound difficult getting a ride with matter who you work for....look at your earlier posts. Maybe you should volunteer your time towards the j/s commitee and make things better

    I'm for real out on this one now

    I'd be more than happy to help out, PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guardguy View Post
    Every CA at this airline should print this out, carry it with you and check every jumpseater you take, and then denie boarding to anyone on the list, anything less is just flushing all your co-workers (nation wide) in union dues down the sh"ter

    A note of caution bigman. Every single swinging d*** at Cal is a card carrying member of ALPA now. If you really want to work at CAL you better get over it cause I bet you are being noticed.

    Need proof? Consisder this, a friend of mine that I used to fly with on the ATR had the list and used it. He loved to rant just like you and he acted on it. Not long after he denied a CAl CA a jumpseat because he was an '83 hire and on the list. My friend cited "low oxygen". Shortly after that he was called in to our EWR CPs office and told by our CP that the EWR CAL CP had just called and to please relay that my buddy would not be coming to CAL (he was in the group of pref interviews before the spin-off and negotiated before 9/11). Needless to say, my buddy had a change of heart. He really wanted to be at CAL. He apologized all around, begged mercy, and in the end still got turned down. **** few of the pref guys got turned down, now he's flying corporate out west.

    I'm not telling you what to do. I worked with two eastern scabs at an air ambulance op out west. They were both shady characters. I'd never want to work with them again. In fairness though, alot of the mil guys had no idea what they were walking into and are good guys. The point is, if ALPA National buried the hatchet, who are you to dig it up? Just things to consider.


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    Quote Originally Posted by f/o shizzle View Post
    I don't even know the whole story, but I'm sorry I can't get worked up about something that happened when I was less than a year old. Is there a master Go Jet list or something current to get worked up on? From what I hear most of the scabs are retiring anyway. Not sticking up for them, but I don't think "Master SCAB Airline" fits.
    There was a list for Go Jet on the 'net that you can search for. I agree that those (Go Jet/Freedom) types are the closest things to scabs nowadays. I used to keep a Freedom list but never had to use it. Every time I see Go Jets go by I am cursing them with my "inside voice". Okay, those that have flown with me know that my inside voice sometimes escapes outside.

    As far as Cal scabs go, they were brought back to ALPA, therefor they are now my union brothers and will be treated as such. I didn't agree with it but that's the way it is. Time to move on and worry about the "Ho Jet" types...

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    What I found ironic was during furloughs when people were ridiculing the "scabs" for selling vacation, etc.

    Obviously, there's NOTHING they can do to work off or pay off their scab status, yet they're expected to spend every day trying to appease people who treat them like scum...and always will?

    Honestly, is there a time when it becomes water under the bridge?

    Some people act like crossing a picket line really is the only mortal sin. They'll look the other way with people who betray their own country quicker than they will people who cross a picket line. Anything else is forgiveable.

    I'm not defending crossing a picket line. To a much smaller degree, it's equivalent to hurting your own country's efforts during war time...and both can have similar effects, because it communicates to whom you're trying to pursuade that you're divided, unresolved, and vulnarable...but I don't find it the type of thing to punish over a quarter century later.

    But, personally, I believe it plays more into management's hands to have a never-ending scab, because it's guaranteed division.
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    Why are so many scabs ex alpa members? Could it be that some after getting royally pumped by alpa they didn't about crossing a picket line?

    I'm not a scab and I wouldn't cross but my original question stills stands.

    Guard guy...go ahead and deny some scab but I rely on CO and have had nothing but pleasurable experiences from scabs and others. F*ck up my or others commute by playing your jumpseat games and it will come back to haunt you.

    Also Scots is right. They have a tight network over there and loudmouths have been denied and turned down. Considering the guy in charge of hiring crossed a picket line, you'd best keep your opinions to yourself.

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    does someone know what the percentage of scabs is at cal....I understand most have ret., ........and is it true they are confined to flying the 737?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobo View Post
    Why are so many scabs ex alpa members? Could it be that some after getting royally pumped by alpa they didn't about crossing a picket line?
    Well you must be part of a Union represented pilot group in order to A) strike and B) cross a picket line. What other pilot Unions are out there? How many of those have had strikes? That's like saying "Why are so many astronauts ex-NASA employees?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nova View Post
    Well you must be part of a Union represented pilot group in order to A) strike and B) cross a picket line. What other pilot Unions are out there? How many of those have had strikes? That's like saying "Why are so many astronauts ex-NASA employees?"
    I see what you are saying and it is true at face value. What I was trying to infer is why are there so many alpa members that decided to cross a picket line in the first place? Granted, some on the scab list are not former alpa, but many are. The inital scab classes at Continental were filled with Braniff pilots bitter over what their Eastern brothers did to them in the late 70's over the purchase of their South American routes and Eastern alpa locking them out of Eastern cockpits.

    We have our scab expert Guardguy with his father being ex Eastern, but face it, that was payback for the screwing Eastern alpa did to them years before. In my opinion alpa had alienated so many pilots they didn't care about crossing their own or other alpa picket lines.

    Alpa has made some monumental lapses in judgement and there will be repercussions. I do not agree with this logic but to deny this is sweeping skeletons in the closet.

    If APA went on strike tommorrow, I wonder how many of those loyal union members from TWA alpa would honor the APA picket line?
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    **** quotes
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