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Remember, this is an entertainment site.

You do not have the right “not to be offended”

To those that read these posts, if you’re upset with what someone says, handle it like an adult: either (a) challenge the poster with your own opinions, (b) ignore the poster or (c) go somewhere else. Please don’t email the moderators asking that post be censored, or for a user to be banned, just because you don’t agree with the content. Having said that….

Posts that could be detrimental to ExpressJet employees, or detrimental to the company itself, material copyrighted by others, libelous or slanderous posts are not tolerated here. That DOES NOT mean that a moderator or administrator reads every post! In fact, the majority of posts are never reviewed by a moderator. Therefore, if you believe a post is in violation of these terms, the fastest way to have that handled is by simply “reporting” the post, using the tools available to all registered users. Note: just because you report a post does not mean it will be removed. It just means a moderator or administrator will review the post to see if the post warrants removal.

There is no 1st Amendment here

To those who post on this site, if you’re a bigot, racist, like posting hard-core pornography, or have any other type of disgusting personality characteristic, keep that to yourself. Don’t be a flamer, and don’t be a troll. It’s fine to post in an angry or harsh tone as long as it’s done so in the context of talking about a legitimate topic on this forum. It’s not okay to post hatred or threatening posts, or to post for the sole purpose of angering others or drawing attention to yourself. Users who do so are moderated more heavily, risk being publically exposed, and will generally be shown the door whenever a moderator has had enough.

A moderator is like a referee: even if he's wrong, he's still right.

Moderators are permitted to edit, relocate or remove posts that do not conform to this Use Policy. There are no guidelines by which a moderator acts other than his/her own best personal judgment, or in absence of judgment, his or her mood at that particular moment.

Moderators are given no “steps of enforcement” or “guidelines for violations” like you’d find in a public school. User infractions, reputation scores and banning are all decided on a case by case basis, and there is no requirement that moderators be equal or fair in their judgment of different users. Such is life. If you have a problem with a moderator’s actions, take it up with the site’s administrator.

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Under no circumstances will user identities, email addresses, IP addresses, private messages or personal (non-aggregate) site usage statistics be distributed to any third party except by order of subpoena. Preferably one delivered by a large sheriff’s deputy. Please do not waste the site administrator’s time trying to “connect the dots” to someone’s identity or site activity unless you have gone through the proper legal channels. Even then, expect to be heavily challenged. The exception to this policy is when the site's administrator becomes fed up with inappropriate behavior on this forum, and decides to make public information on the individual(s) causing problems.