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    1. trf
      Reid, Thanks for the reply. Thanks for the explanation. I wish we did vote, but even then the outcome would not be for everyone or in everyones best interest. See you around the shop and no way did you offend me... trust me I would be pissed off too! I'm commuting from phx still so I feel your pain. Take care,
    2. trf

      Hey man... long time. We flew a while back in Ontario... I think Omaha or something in the winter. Anyway, I don't want to post any **** on the pipe as everytime I say anything I just get crapped on. However, since you are a union guy... how did these long term RFL's get posted wihtout a vote from the pilot group? I am one who is on a 60 hour RFL, but do not pick up adv time unless I dropped something to get below 60.... and even then I have only done it once... so tough to commute for extra work. I am not trying to push any buttons and I would be pissed if in your situation too, so seriously I am just asking why no vote on such an important issue? I get both sides of the argument and those who go around building lines to 90 or 100 hours (epecially by having friends pick up and adv should be beaten. Anyway, this pilot group does need to come together somehow. Hope things get better for us asap! A vote would help right?
      Timothy Ryan Feltis
      EWR F.O. U1406
    3. BlondePilot
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