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Aug 21, 2018
    1. Fats Schindee
      Fats Schindee
      I had looked at the flts for commuting monday and thurs, and had thought about driving as well. I have a 1320 show, so if you don't mind being a bit early, I'll go ahead and drive and give you a ride. I had that exact thing happen a few months ago - I had to drive in because of oversold flts and had an AUS overnight (I ended up going to the hotel and then taking the bus to about a mile from home and then walking the rest... kind of annoying, but it worked).

      I usually give myself about 3 hrs from my house to get to the pkg lot in IAH (although it usually takes around 2:45), and then about 15-20 on the shuttle. So I'll probably leave around 10am monday. Which means I'll swing by AUS around 10:15-20ish. Do you park in the employee lot, or the Parking Spot, or somewhere else? I'll swing by and grab you...

      I have your number - mine's 512-745-4133. If you want, give me a call sunday evening or monday morning around 9ish and we can coordinate.

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