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  1. XJT Chump
    XJT Chump Gunther098
    21212 Big Buck Dr.
    Cleveland Texas 77328

    Bill Hodge
    Thx Pal
    Left mine on a aircraft 2 heard ago
    1. Gunther098
      Ill send it early next week. On a trip.
      Jun 7, 2018
    2. Gunther098
      Sent today via USPS: 9505500007608163000106
      Jun 12, 2018
  2. Flyerave
    Dear Douche Bag,

    Thank you for your inspiring comments. I will now better a better person.

    Merry Christmas.
  3. Vick
    Vick Suave
    My Brother!!! Merry Christmas to you as well. Congrats on SWA man, I'm sure you fit right in there because all my favorites seem to end up flying for them. Things are good here in the sandbox but I'm looking forward to the day I get to come back home. I miss the states and all my homies:) Great to hear from you and best of luck. I'll be sure to let you know when I make it back so we can hook up for some karaoke finally! Talk to you soon bud.
  4. Suave
    Suave Vick big stud!!! Have you made 40 days/ 40 nights my brother from another mother. Dude it's Childers, didn't know if you heard I made it to SWA last year. Hope all is well with you dude. Merry Christmas. Rick Childers
  5. Jetlink1175
    Jetlink1175 hokiepilot
    Hey dude, I just wanted to say thanks again for the ride to DTW. I actually had to take CAL from DTW since the Delta flight went from 16 open that morning, to oversold by the time I got there. Anyway, I enjoyed talking to you. I hope we get another chance to fly together. Take care!

  6. Shaftoe
    Shaftoe Rotcearl
    Hello Rotcearl. It's good to hear that you are back on track. I don't know the nature of your injury, but if it was an OJI, I would appreciate some advice. Very recently had an OJI involving a back injury. I heard that the OJI insurance company can be quite difficult to work with. Do you have any words of wisdom to part with. Thanks ahead of time and if you are ever on xbox live, look me up. Mostly play FPS's ie MW2, etc... Shaftoe 47.
  7. DudeHere
    DudeHere RickHogan
    Rick Caso Wants you!!!... to check the buttons on his shirt:)
  8. kidicarus5897
    kidicarus5897 SurfnFlyer
    hey man. what branch of military/job are you training for?
  9. bman
    bman airsambo
    Your a ****
  10. Brian Ratcliff
    Brian Ratcliff rjacobs
    Hey. Are we gonna get cookies in DEN again this time around???? Hope my floor is cleaner....
  11. flymeswa
    flymeswa RIslander
  12. Propsfullfwd
    Propsfullfwd Bob
    a tread needs to be moved from the pipe... boyracer posted it
  13. Texan Aviator
    Texan Aviator Mark Silver
    it appears so.... I've been trying for an hour..
  14. Mark Silver
    Mark Silver Texan Aviator
    12:40 CST Is the forum broke? I can't get into any thread. Thanks, Mark
  15. Paul Rosenberg
    Paul Rosenberg Flyerave
    I took the liberty to look through many of your previous posts ... sounds like "you" have some serious anger issues :-(
    DUNNTPA skyking002
    Check out my new avitar
    DUNNTPA modesto2
    Hey, I see you reading the crap as well
  18. mack82
    mack82 FLAPS 9
    I live for the day of Flaps 9's return to the Pipe.
  19. hindu_flyer
    hindu_flyer littleagnes99

    how's the baby?
  20. Fats Schindee
    Fats Schindee coolyokeluke
    I had looked at the flts for commuting monday and thurs, and had thought about driving as well. I have a 1320 show, so if you don't mind being a bit early, I'll go ahead and drive and give you a ride. I had that exact thing happen a few months ago - I had to drive in because of oversold flts and had an AUS overnight (I ended up going to the hotel and then taking the bus to about a mile from home and then walking the rest... kind of annoying, but it worked).

    I usually give myself about 3 hrs from my house to get to the pkg lot in IAH (although it usually takes around 2:45), and then about 15-20 on the shuttle. So I'll probably leave around 10am monday. Which means I'll swing by AUS around 10:15-20ish. Do you park in the employee lot, or the Parking Spot, or somewhere else? I'll swing by and grab you...

    I have your number - mine's 512-745-4133. If you want, give me a call sunday evening or monday morning around 9ish and we can coordinate.