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Thread: Cannot list on regionals associated with ZED partners

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    If you guys thought the ZED list was a joke, get this. We can only list on airlines we have agreements with period. In other words if you are traveling in the Delta system, you can only travel on DAL mainline, Pinnacle, comair, CHQ, and Compass. You CANNOT travel on DAL flights operated by ASA (AKA our OWN COMPANY!) You can only list on airlines we have agreements with PERIOD. We dont have an agreement with our own company, so you cant travel on Delta flights operated by us if youre in the United system. Thanks and have a nice day.

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    Hahahahaha we don't have an agreement with our own company. That's pretty funny.

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    Be sure you email them that info.

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    Why would we have an agreement with ASA? We have nothing to offer them.
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    protections for our pilots equivalent to those contained in our current agreement
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