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Thread: Chart Case Size Question

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    Will a 20" x 13" x 8" case fit on the 145's cockpit/flight deck?

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    Depends. How big is the other guy's lunch box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soaringfar View Post
    Will a 20" x 13" x 8" case fit on the 145's cockpit/flight deck?
    That might be about an inch too wide. If it's one of the ballistic nylon flight kits with side pockets, you will have to keep the pockets empty to fit.

    The area for the flight kit is about 19" wide, maybe a small fraction more. Consider getting a taller flight kit to be able to carry a headset on to of your Jepp binders. With a 13" there isn't much room left, so your headset must be lightweight-type.

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    I use the office depot one w/ wheels and it fits--more or less. You have to jiggle it a little to slide the seat.

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