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Thread: April Bid Packets

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    Probably misunderstood....we will see what the JNC can come up with!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by puddles View Post
    A lot of it is luck. I had my first submission in at 00:00:00 and was #14 in the queue so I didn't get my first transaction. I still managed to salvage the window and end up with 1 more day off and some a little extra money. Trips in Chicago sucked though, not willing to sacrifice commutability for productivity (at least from the choices I had last night).
    It definitely helps being the first one in the queue. Houston FO's will definitely benefit in the ILIW when I leave IAH for EWR CA next year. EWR CA's... not so much.
    Meteoric last words: (screams) Ahhh... the atmosphere!
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